About Me


After practicing Intentional Feng Shui since 2005, I am now very excited to bring my years of hands-on knowledge and experience to help serve clients in attracting love, good health, and prosperity with the help of Classical & Form Feng Shui.

When I speak, my contributions are honest and balanced.

My mission is to bring joy to people in their everyday life. I work with my clients with compassion, humbleness and gratitude. It is so important that the people I work with express intent clearly, manifest abundance, romance and good health, and enjoy fulfilling relationships and I help them in this journey. As an advisor, I help them find inner peace and harmony with the world around them through the practice of Feng Shui.

I work with complete joy & pleasure. It manifests healing and positive energy.

My creativity and passion for  business helped me nurture and grow Spundhann since 2001. You can check my Instagram page @spundhann

While being a doting mother and a caring wife, I pride myself for my organizational skills. I love to cook and experiment with fusion foods.

I am qualified by the International Feng Shui School in California, one of the world’s leading Gold-Level Feng Shui schools run by my wonderful coach Amanda Sophia  and I am honoured to be a certified Gold-Level consultant in Classical & Form Feng Shui.

Arpita Bagri, Feng Shui Consultant & Practitioner

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