Remedies are the key to the success of a Classical Feng Shui consultation. A Typical remedy might be to add 60 lbs of Heavy Metal or to add a Fire element of a red themed, cushion or painting. The remedies are part of the Five-Element Cycle or Theory.  In the five-element theory, Fire feeds Earth, Earth creates Metal, Metal creates water (condensation), water feeds wood and wood feeds Fire. This is known as the productive cycle. 

With Feng Shui we work with the weakening cycle which is counter-clockwise. Fire weakens wood, wood weakens Water, Water weakens Metal, Metal weakens Earth, and Earth weakens Fire. We stay away from the destructive cycle because the energies can be too harsh.  After we determine the Flying Star chart of your home we then look to find what elements are out of balance within the numbers. We then produce a chart of remedies for each direction of the house.  As an example, 60lb of Heavy Metal would be used to weaken the bad earth numbers and bring balance and harmony into the home. 

It is my experience that if you are not implementing the remedies then you will not see the results of what can truly happen. Every home no matter how good, the overall energy will need remedies, as no home is perfect. Putting the remedies together we strive to find balance. Over doing a remedy can cause as much problems, as not having any. This is why we avoid using the destructive cycle.  We strive for harmony and balance. For each report I will include a full list of remedies for each of the 8 guas or directions  of the home and a resource guide on where to find the best, most pleasing and affordable solutions to enhance your home so that no one will even know that the home has been remedied with Feng Shui. That is why, Harmony, Balance and Beauty are the core principles of Feng Shui.

The Process of a Consultation

• First  we begin with a conversation about your needs and expectations. Once these goals are clarified then I will need the following from you (captured in the client questionnaire):
• Birthdays of family or employees.
• Floor plan of home or office.
• Plot plan of property.
• Date home or office building was constructed.
• Dates of any major remodels, especially if the roof was redone or if home moved from original foundation.
• Pictures and videos of all sides of the home from all angles

What about visit?

Once I have this information, I will then create your personalized Feng Shui report and share it with you. We will schedule a video conference or an in-person meeting to go over the report, with a focus on the remedies. If I am visiting your home, I will adhere to full necessary safety protocols. While still at your home, I can help with a complete house clearing ceremony of smudging, chimes and energy work to reset the homes energies.

If I am doing an off-site home clearing all you need to do is open all the windows and let clean air in while I do all the work remotely.

Follow-up includes my contacting you to see how the remedies are helping you and whether you have any questions or feedback.

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