Feng Shui and Mirrors

Chi, the omnipresent energy around us is also known by other names such as “Life Flow”, “Energy Flow” and “Vital Life Force”. Feng Shui broadly classifies energy into Sheng Chi and Sha Chi which literary means good and bad energy. However, for the uninitiated, it may come as a surprise that there are other forms or types called “Wang Chi”, “Tui Chi”, etc. Harmonizing these energies is essential. It simply means either neutralizing bad or negative energies or enhancing contrasting positive energies.

Some of the methods of tweaking Chi have already been discussed in my earlier blogs. However, there is yet another way of bringing good luck and peace into your life. Mirror!

When set up in the right place and with the right parameters, mirrors can transform lives. That a mirror can be a source of positive energy, and improve certain aspects of human lives may surprise many.

So, how does a mirror help improve the “Chi” factor. Technically, a mirror is just a sheet of lacquered glass which reflects objects placed in front of it. In simple words, it bounces back images which also include energies. Therefore, a mirror is never hung right in front of the door because it throws out good energies flowing through the main door.

On the contrary, these reflective pieces are either hung from the sides or at an angle. But, why would one want to hang a mirror in a particular angle? The reason is to force the reflected “Chi” into an area which is devoid of it. Remember, mirrors are just one way of harmonizing energies within the residential or workplace habitats, typically achieved through its reflective mechanism.

In fact the three basic functions of mirrors are – expansion, reflection and deflection, while some of its important virtues are –

  1. A mirror opens up a virtual window in an otherwise flat surface.
  2. A mirror symbolically unfolds new vistas, not just for our eyes, but also for our mental “vision” and our lives, scientifically categorized as “environmental psychology”.
  3. A mirror can send out positive vibes if it reflects happy moments such as a photo of a joyous family vacation.

As mentioned above, mirrors need to reflect good vibes or objects that are ambassadors of good Chi. If the mirror reflects bad energies then the place can experience further deterioration in terms of good luck and good life. Some of the things which a mirror shouldn’t reflect are –

  1. Door or any other opening

By offering an escape route to good Chi you are diluting your hard work. The task of any Feng Shui mirror is to spread positive energy generated through reflection and thereby energize various positive factors. A door or a window would simply defeat the whole exercise.

  1. Commode or Toilet Seat

Harnessing and reflecting positive Chi through a mirror and then immediately sending it down the drain is not exactly a smart idea. Make sure your mirror does not show such objects in any corner of the mirror.

  1. Fire

Mirrors that reflect fire or another mirror with an equally challenging image or an undesirable Feng Shui symbol can impact the house / office negatively.

So, which areas of the house are appropriate for hanging mirror/s, and where exactly do you hang them? Here is the short guide.

Entrance | Main door –

Never hang a mirror right in front of the door. It will drive out positive flow of energy right through the same opening, depriving your house / office of essential natural vibes. Remember, Feng Shui mirror is not a piece of residential ornament, it is an tool, a potent antidote to some of the ills taking birth from bad Chi. Install the mirror at least 4 to 5 feet above the floor and make sure it is dust free all the times. A foggy or dust layered mirror will offer little relief from Sha Chi.

Bedroom –

Bedroom mirror is a common sight. Moreover, its function is restricted to personal use. On the other hand, the same mirror can affect your sleeping pattern, your mood and your good luck factor in case the same is incorrectly set up. For example, a mirror which reflects the owner, especially while sleeping, can be a cause for sleepless nights. In case this mirror bounces off bad energies, it can play havoc with the occupants’ psyche as most bedrooms are small in size and therefore getting rid of bad Chi is difficult.

Suggested mirror parameters for bedroom include – small size, rectangular shaped and angled to reflect sunlight not the residents.

Dining Room, Hallway –

This section of the house is of great importance. Why? Because it symbolizes your potential or the power to hold on to the wealth you have created. The ideal mirror for this section should be a large variant, preferably round.

Do’s and don’ts while installing a Feng Shui mirror –

  1. Mirrors should only reflect natural Chi, objects that glorify or amplify Feng Shui approved objects or external habitats such as a garden, trees, sunlight, etc.
  2. Always mount them at least 5 feet above the floor as it offers maximum leverage against negative energies and at the same time offers a clear, reflective path.
  3. Quality of reflection matters. Exploit it to the fullest. Place a small round mirror under or behind any object that has special Feng Shui significance. This symbolically doubles the power and effectiveness of the object (e.g. table with Quan Yin sitting on a mirror increases love).

Feng Shui Mirrors and Myths

  • Use round, octagonal or square mirrors.
  • Mirrors can be as small as 2” or simply a decorative mirror.
  • A mirror does not represent the water element, e.g., do not use a mirror as a water remedy in any particular location.

Mirrors are also helpful for correcting “missing”, “blocked” or “narrow” areas in the layout of your home or room. Remember, this can have a constricting effect on your own energy, either in terms of success and/or health. The lungs especially might be affected, as the constricted passageway in your home is analogous to constricted airways in your body.

Finally, the difference between using a mirror to reflect/attract a positive influence and to deflect/repel a negative influence is placement and intention.

  1. To reflect/attract a positive image into your space, the mirror is setup inside the house.
  2. To deflect/repel “Sha” chi, the mirror is hung along the exterior of the house.

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