Wealth Enhancement via Feng Shui

“Prosperity and Fulfilling Life” are two distinct terms. While the former is synonymous with wealth or financial nirvana, the latter is often used in context of happy relationships, good health and stress free bearing. However, these human attributes can vary from person to person. Good fortune does not bless everyone.

So, is there a way of introducing good fortune into your life? The simple answer is yes! This can be achieved through Feng Shui, an ancient art and science that was developed over 3,500 years ago in China. It is an art of balancing energies, also known as “Chi”. By fine tuning these energies, experts not only clear the path for wealth enhancement but also supplement this advantage with other benefits also.

As mentioned above, wealth does not shower on everyone, and therefore, one of the common and inevitable questions which pop up inside our head is the legitimacy of Feng Shui. Rest assured, this ancient science of harmonizing different types of energies actually offers relief from several socio-economic maladies.

It also helps increase wealth if exploited in the right manner. In Feng Shui, every house has a definite place or “corner” reserved for wealth or abundance called Xun.

But what exactly is Xun?

Xun is one of the eight trigrams resembling prosperity and self-worth. Incidentally, trigrams are made up of Yin and Yang lines, typically in sets of 3. All the eight trigrams form Ba Gua or energy map, reflecting distinct Yin and Yang lines. The other areas of this energy map are Qian, Kun, Zhen, Kan, Li, Gen and Dui.

The idea is to refer this guide, peep within ourselves and explore the reasons for wealth scarcity.  Sounds complicated, confusing? Yes! Here is a simple explanation.

Analyze this corner of your house. What do you see? Is this section crammed with unwanted, broken stuff? Is this area cluttered and unkempt, sporting dust and cobwebs? If that is the case then you have two important chores to perform; de-cluttering and cleaning. How about fixtures such as a closet? A permanently locked or sparingly used cupboard can make a big difference. You need to address these issues immediately to enhance your wealth quotient.

The “Xun” corner is your blue print to prosperity. The elements of this corner need to complement Feng Shui rules or principles. The next question which instantly jumps up into the minds of affected individuals is the position of this corner. Where exactly is the “Xun” section located in a house?

An easy way to find its location is to stand in the middle of the house ( with your back to the entrance ) and look towards the far left corner. Other way of pin pointing this section is to divide your house in a 3 by 3 grid. Stand in middle square and spot this particular sphere which incidentally is your wealth area. As a rule of thumb, South East cardinal direction of any habitat is the universal wealth corner.

Use a compass if the need arises. One also needs to understand that there is a secondary corner which symbolizes wealth. “North” is yet another place which needs attention, in case you are experiencing wealth deterioration. Mentioned below are some of the other ways of wealth enhancement via Feng Shui apart from de-cluttering.

Wealth Vase –

Wealth vase has the power to attract and increase wealth energy. In fact you can create your own wealth vase. However, you will need to get some easy ingredients, such as soil, typically from a wealthy friend or from an area which is lush and boasts vibrant energy, several symbols of wealth such as crystals, golden ingots, five different types of grains along with a string with the colors of five Feng Shui elements. And, of course, you need to find a good vase — ideally an oriental looking one. Size doesn’t matter. Select the one which makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Fish Aquarium –

Many people don’t realize that fish aquariums are not just a piece of indoor art. It can have great impact on the “abundance” factor. Water is considered extremely auspicious in Feng Shui. Therefore, an aquarium amplifies “Water” element, giving birth to several financial leverages. Remember, you can energize the “Wealth Chi” by placing aquarium in the “Xun” area of your house.

Wooden Artifacts –

By adding a wooden ware, an artifact, Feng Shui experts adjust or tweak wealth “Chi”. One of the popular wood decor items is plant. Apart from regular, woody plants many individuals and practitioners add Bamboo plant to “Xun” section of the house. However, one has to buy the correct number of stalks otherwise it may offer little or no change in terms of enhanced prosperity / abundance. Plants have the power to attract and energize the wealth chi which over a period of time offers amazing prosperity.

Laughing Buddha –

Although laughing Buddha is not a dedicated Feng Shui anti-dote for wealth related issues, its magical energy improves a series of weak factors such as abundance, happiness, success, and good health. Experts believe that once these factors are normalized, wealth inevitably makes its way into the house.

However, only a Feng Shui practitioner can help you find a laughing Buddha that will improve your financial status. At the same even you need to look out for some of laughing Buddha’s distinct attributes such as a small sack of gifts, miniature gold blocks and its form factor itself.

The Power of Crystals –

Citrine is a powerful crystal and unique in nature. What makes it distinct are its properties which are similar to solar energy. Hailed as one of the most effective solutions for wealth related issues, it is available in clusters and rock formation.

However, vases and crystal trees are also available which are quite potent in nature. Feng Shui experts generally opt for the raw citrine as processed variety evolves into a different stone and therefore devoid of any healing power. Another way of exploiting citrine is to wear it as a pendant or a bracelet.

Summation & Pro Tip –

In case the cardinal South East section of your house depicts kitchen, toilet or a storeroom you need to first get rid of its bad wood energy. Simply light up this place, and introduce Feng Shui essential oils. Follow this step with some of the above mentioned actions. It can dramatically improve your abundance and wealth enhancement quotient.

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