Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

It is an open secret that Chinese Feng Shui is an ancient art of harmonizing different kinds of energies. Optimization of energy or “Chi” as it is popularly referred to within the practicing community, is achieved via Feng Shui rulebook. If done correctly, it can boost several aspects of life.  Some of them include good luck and health, pleasant relationships, abundance and prosperity.

One of the energy boosters which Feng Shui employs is sound.

Have you ever visited distant, lonely places, wrapped in lush green trees, chirping notes and meandering winds? These habitats, in spite of being tranquil, resonate with bird sounds and moving water which instantly relaxes our mind and unwinds our highly taut muscles. The resultant experience is sheer bliss.

On the other hand, harsh and loud sounds instantly turn us wary and moody. These sounds are the source of frustration and negative energy flow. Traditionally, Fen Shui has always looked up to nature such as flowers, birds, fishes and horses called “Feng Shui Symbols” to usher in good energies. Unfortunately, city dwellings are devoid of these natural elements, and therefore, Feng Shui offers alternatives in the form symbols and good luck charms.

Wind chime is one of them!

The sound emanating from a wind chime is special, as it cuts through the Yin energy, easing out skepticism, disagreements and negative feelings. If set up in the right direction, in the right form factor and with the right set of pipes, it can offer quick antidote to a series of troubling issues within the house. Wind chimes drive out negative Chi through vibrations which take birth from pipes, one of the essential components of any wind chime when they hit each other.

A wind chime not only drives out bad vibes but also replaces it with good ones. It is one of the most effective tools available in Feng Shui.

Remember, every habitat is filled with energy. The principle of wind chime is quite simple; to drive out negative chi which is achieved through specific sounds and frequency. It paves way for good energy to seep in and create a new vibrant environment.

As mentioned above, wind chimes are available in various form factors and materials. The most effective variant is the one which is made from metal or wood, and boasts right number of pipes. Brass is typically used by experienced Feng Shui practitioners to introduce metal within the habitat, which is one of the five elements of Feng Shui methodology.

Some of the other commonly used materials include bamboo and even certain types of porcelain / glass. One also needs to look out for the number of shafts or pipes that a wind chime is made up of.

Mentioned below is a short guide on choosing the right wind chime and its placement. Feng Shui typically begins its assessment or analysis from South East because this cardinal direction is the known for its wealth and prosperity implications

  1. South East or Xun is the “Wealth” corner. Wind chime with 4 shafts / pipes made from wood or bamboo can improve good luck and thereby solve wealth related issues.
  2. An energized Li zone ( South ) is known to offer fame and impeccable reputation. The suggested wind chime for this area is metal based, 9 pipe variation. Interestingly, by setting up a sound booster in this zone, affected individuals can attract people and therefore social influence.
  3. The Kun zone or the South West direction is reserved for love and relationship as per the Bagua Feng Shui energy map. By hanging porcelain / glass chimes one can improve his / her love life.
  4. Zhen zone or the Eastern direction has a special role to play vis-à-vis health and family. In case you are plagued by recurring illnesses or face family upheavals, then simply hang a wooden wind chime. The number of pipes can be restricted to 3 for maximum benefit.
  5. The Western direction or Dui as per energy chart is the bastion of children. Couples without kids can hang metal wind chime in this area and enhance the chance of being blessed with children.
  6. Knowledge and wisdom is found in the Gen zone, typically situated in the North East direction. Adorning this area with a ceramic wind chime can result in complementing vibrations which support and nurture individual growth.
  7. Kan or career zone is synonymous with “North”. One of the most effective wind chimes is a single bell made of metal. It improves career progression in terms of promotions and therefore success.
  8. Qian or the North West direction depicts human support. This typically requires a complementing wind chime that attracts people and people related help. And the best way to achieve this is to hang a 6 rod hollow metal based version. “People” and “Success” are interrelated and the entry of supportive individuals can instantly trigger events that accomplish Qian’s intended purpose.

The introduction of wind chimes in a residential or work place environment is a great way to drive out negative or dead energies. As mentioned above, the number of shafts or pipes plays an important role in achieving maximum benefits. These are not just limited to 4, 5 or 6. The numbers can go up 9. However, experts insist that proper guidance is required before installing one. In fact, a mismatched wind chime can actually create more trouble and generate unwanted “Chi” clashes.

Exceptions to the above rules –

The number 9 and South cardinal direction complement each other very well, and hence wind chimes boasting 9 pipes needs to be installed or hung along the Southern periphery. Additionally, the wind chime area should have relatively stronger air flow so as to generate that magical sound. If the above rules are followed, and the wind chime is made from the genuine, natural materials, then the positive results are inevitable.

Summation –

Consult a Feng Shui expert today and let the wind chime magic introduce not just divine sounds but a bouquet of positive changes.

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